Oceanic Harvest

Our Farms

Shrimp farming is conducted by our company in the vicinity of the processing plant. Farms are located along the coast of Odisha, between 05 to 15 kilometers from the processing plant. As of today, our company's total cultivable prawn farming land is 190 acres. The aforementioned farm area contains numerous ponds where we obtain and cultivate our raw prawns. We believe that our hatchery and farms' stringent bio-security measures and on-site labs staffed with qualified personnel have resulted in higher-quality prawn output.

Processing Farms

Aadi Avatar Private Limited is committed to understanding and meeting the needs and expectations of its customers by implementing Good Manufacturing Practices and Standard Sanitation Operating Procedures. To ensure high product quality and to reduce the risk of microbiological contamination, experienced skilled and qualified staff processes the raw material under strict hygienic conditions, supported and monitored by qualified Quality Control personnel. The company processes and delivers high-quality frozen prawns that meet all statutory requirements and offer the best value for money.

To ensure timely delivery, the Company's Shrimp Processing Unit combines cutting-edge technology, cutting-edge storage facilities, and cutting-edge logistics capabilities. The Unit adheres to global standards such as the EU, USFDA, HACCP, FSSAI, and BAP. The prawns processed at our facility are sold in various countries.

The Shrimp Processing Unit is outfitted with the following:

Aadi Avatar is an overseas supplier of superior quality Vannamei Shrimps in raw, blanched, cooked, breaded & battered, and other value-added seafood products. To ensure safe handling at any destination, the products are packed in attractive pouches, duplex and strong corrugated boxes.

Processing Techniques

Aadi Avatar, a pioneer in the Indian Aquaculture Industry, has developed model ponds in Balesore for all types of Shrimp Farming and is proud to provide training and general awareness programs to disseminate the most modern farming techniques, such as:

> Pond Preparation and Upkeep
> Water Administration
> Feeding Routines
> Maintenance
> Probiotics Use
> Harvesting Techniques

Pond cleaning, reconditioning, and disinfection
Aadi Avatar believes that best practices yield the best results. Pond reconditioning is one of the most important factors contributing to long-term aquaculture yields because it reduces the possibility of toxic metabolites or pathogens being passed on to subsequent cycles.

Criteria for seed selection and seed stocking

The post larvae stage (PL) is one of the most important selection criteria. Identification of analytical parts of fry usually necessitates the use of a microscope, but a small eyepiece glass to hatchery can also be useful for observation.

Feeding management that works

Feed distribution in the pond is an important factor in feed management; thus, Waterbase takes pride in offering farmers support services to help them minimize feed losses by ensuring regular distribution throughout the ecosystem.

Shrimps are slow eaters with limited mobility. As a result, it is critical that the feed is always in close proximity to the shrimps. For feed application, a few general practices are followed:

  • Bund nutrition
  • Boat feeding or center feeding
  • Feeding automatically (Auto feeder)
  • Feeding times should be strictly adhered to.
  • Aerators should be turned off when feed is applied.
  • Following any chemical applications to the pond, the next feeding time should be postponed.
  • Only during feeding should the calculated amount of feed be provided to the check tray.
  • Giving the feed in the check tray before or after feeding can lead to misinterpretation of the tray’s collected data.